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Avoid the Pitfalls of new VA's!
Learn how to avoid many of the most common mistakes many new VA business owners have made. Read »

Avoid the Pitfalls common to many new Virtual Assistants

There are pitfalls to starting any new business. The best way to avoid the pitfall is to learn as much as you can before starting your new business venture. blueba

If you are considering Starting a Virtual Assistant Business, you will want to do everything possible to ensure your success.

With some careful planning you can avoid the pitfalls many new Virtual Assistant entrepreneurs make.

Here are some of the main challenges for starting this type of business and how you can overcome them.

There are three things that distinguish the successful Virtual Assistant from those that flounder.

  1. Successful VAs start their business with a plan.
  2. They know their target market.
  3. They stick with their policies from the start.

The best way to avoid the pitfalls of starting a Virtual Assistant business is to create a good business plan. Many VAs consider a business plan unnecessary for a home based business, but this is a mistake. A good plan can help you determine if this is really the right business for you and how difficult it will be to start. When you see your costs and estimated projected income down on paper it becomes much clearer. Most challenges can be overcome when you have planned for them in advance. It is very difficult to predict all of the ups and downs of any new business but with a clearly defined plan for what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it, you will be well on your way.

Before you determine what your target market will be, you need to carefully examine what your skills are and what you best like to do.

If you try to provide too many services in order to obtain more clients, you will not have a clear idea of who your market is and you run the risk of offering services where you lack the necessary level of skill. You have a greater chance of building a successful business when you build a business around what you know and enjoy, then find customers looking for that services.

Be careful to only advertise services that you are sure you can provide quality work for your client. Remember as a business owner, your reputation is extremely important. It will also be much easier to market your business to a target market rather than just advertise to anyone who might be interested.

Another major pitfall for many who start a Virtual Assistant business is a lack of clearly defined policies in the beginning.

Along with a lack of planning and defined target market, you may be tempted to bend your rules on your services, rates and other terms and policies. It is very important to set your policies from the very beginning and stick with them! If you show potential clients that you are desperate you will be taken advantage of. You need to be confident in your work, the rate of pay you expect and create polices that protect you and your business. You need to plan for your business growth and have policies in place that will allow you to be fair when working with several clients at a time. If you lower your rates and bend your policies in order to get client, it will be very difficult to change those terms down the road. There are many VA resources that can provide plans, forms and legal contracts professionally created for this business.

Even if starting a Virtual Assistant business is your first entrepreneurial adventure you can avoid the major pitfalls that are common for this particular home based business.

If you know your skills and what you have to offer your clients, all you need is some careful planning and good business policies in place and you are off to a great start!

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