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Avoid the Pitfalls of new VA's!
Learn how to avoid many of the most common mistakes many new VA business owners have made. Read »

Become a Virtual Assistant


Discover How You can
Become a Virtual Assistant

and Run your own Successful Home Based Business

Become a Virtual Assistant eBook

30 Day Start-up Plan Ebook – over 70 pages of vital information. The secret to getting paid what you’re worth
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FREE website to get you started.

How to ensure that you get paid on time…

The inside scoop on Virtual Assistant Training & Certification.

The common mistakes you must AVOID when starting a VA business.

3 Things all Successful Virtual Assistants Have In Common.

How to Define the best Target Market for your business.

How to eliminate legal troubles by setting up your business correctly from Day One.

A proven way to make more money with less work… (Don’t to do this and you may struggle to make a profit!)

A “SIMPLE” exercise that will help you perfect your “30 Second Commercial” and promote your business with
confidence to anyone.

How to find the perfect client for you.

How to Get clients, find work, and get traffic to your website.

Free advertising methods that actually work! The truth about what works and what doesn’t…what you don’t
know can hurt you

Become a Virtual Assistant Ebook
Become a Virtual Assistant Ebook
Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant and work at home in your own business!
Price: $19.97


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