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Avoid the Pitfalls of new VA's!
Learn how to avoid many of the most common mistakes many new VA business owners have made. Read »

Running Your VA Business

The day to day operation of your virtual assistant business.

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Business Taxes

Business Taxes for Home Based Businesses

It’s Tax Time Again!

Home Business Tax Deductions

Home Business Tax Deductions

Now is a good time to make sure you are getting all of the tax breaks you are eligible for and taking full advantage of the benefits of owning a home based business.

As a virtual assistant home based business owner, you qualify to reduce your taxable income by deducting your business expenses. The amount of deductions you have can also depend on the structure of your business.

Owning your own home business can be challenging, but you want to make sure you enjoy all of the benefits of business ownership. One great benefit is your tax deductions. Learn more…

Tips for Virtual Assistant Free Consultations

Tips for Virtual Assistant Free Consultations

Virtual Assistant Client Consultation and Assessment Form

An initial free consultation is a fairly standard practice among virtual assistants and an incredible approach to screen potential clients.

You have 2 goals for this initial meeting. First you want to introduce yourself and your services and let them know how you can benefit their business. However, your other goal for this meeting is to ensure this person is a good fit for your business.

By asking certain questions, you can determine what their needs and expectations are. This will give you a good indication whether you will be able to establish a good and profitable long-term relationship.

Its a good ideo to have a client consultation form prepared in advance of your initial consultation. Especially when you are new and a little nervous, having all the information you need outlined for you will allow this meeting to go smoothly and ensure you gather all of the information you need.

Your potential new client will also be impressed that you sound confident, professional and can guide them through the consultation and keep the discussion on track.

Many people will want to talk quite a bit about their business but can stray from the topic and eat up a 30 minute consultation faster than you think. You want this to be friendly and informative, but you need to stay in charge of the convesation because your time is valuable too.

Keep in mind the concept of hiring a Virtual Assistant is new to many business owners and they may not know what types of questions to ask you. By guiding the consultation you also ensure they get the information they need to make a good decision about you.

Here are some tips to make your initial Client Consultation a success.

1. Be prepared with questions outlined in advance. You can also have a short script written down about your business and services but remember you don’t have to read it word for word, just adapt it to each consultation.

2. Remember your “ideal client” which you determined when creating your initial business plan and keep it mind while interviewing potential clients.

While it is tempting to grab any client when you are new, keep in mind you won’t be a perfect fit for every business and you want to establish long-term relationships with a few good clients.

3. Be aware that some clients are just not a good fit for any virtual assistant. Some will need a traditional employee and not an independent business owner, so its best to found that out initially before taking them on as a cleint.

Take some time to consider who your “ideal client” is and what questions you need to ask during your initial consultation to decide if they are a good match for you.

Having a consultation form on your website is a great way to get started with new clients. It is a fast, convenient way for you to gather a lot of important informtion and gives you a chance to research them a

You will want to collect the following information:

  • Business name, name of main contact person
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Brief description of the type of business

Research the website before your consultation and know as much about them as you can. Not only does this save time on the consultation but reflects the professional image you want to project.

Just as you would look up a website and go to a job interview well prepared, you are preparing to work in partnership with this business and want to be as knowledgeable as possible about that business.

With a little advanced preparation, a client consultation is an excellent way to find the best clients for you and help you build a long-term relationships.

Virtual Assisant Career?

How to Know If Being a Virtual Assistant Is Right for You

If you’re considering starting your own home business then becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) may be a good choice. It’s a service that is in demand, and the marketplace demand is definitely growing. More and more people are realizing the value of outsourcing their administrative needs. It’s a home based business that promises variety, daily challenges and the freedom of being your own boss, however it’s not the right answer for everyone.

Here are a few questions to help you determine if being a Virtual Assistant is right for you.

Are You Good at Managing Your Time? As a virtual assistant you’re going to have to balance a lot of tasks. You’ll balance client work while you also balance managing your company. You’ll also want to market and grow your home business. Of course the day to day responsibilities like laundry don’t go away either. There will be many demands on your time, energy, and attention. If you’re good at managing your time, then great. If you can focus and be productive you have what it takes to be a VA. If time management isn’t your strength, there’s still hope. Start adopting habits right now to better manage your time. Learn to schedule and prioritize. Learn how to focus and be productive.

Are You Motivated and Enthusiastic? Being a VA takes a lot of positive energy. You’ll want to be able to get up every morning and be able to focus on your business. Of course there will be low energy days. Everyone has them, but in order to succeed as a VA, you’ll want to be brimming with energy and enthusiasm to start, grow and manage your business. Working for yourself can be hard and you need enthusiasm to get your through the rough patches.

Are You Organized? In addition to organizing your own business needs, tasks and information, you’ll need to organize your client’s information as well. That’s part of your job as their virtual assistant. Your clients need your help getting and keeping them organized. And the more organized you are, the more productive you’ll be. Not organized? Start creating organizational systems right now. You can still be successful, however, you’ll have to pay careful attention to your organizational systems and practices. Make yourself be organized.

Are You Social? Now you don’t have to be a social butterfly to succeed as a VA. However, you will want to be easy to communicate with. Clients and prospects will communicate with you via email and the telephone. Make sure you’re comfortable talking with strangers. Also, the more social you are, the more clients you’re likely to meet online and off. It’s easier to build your business when you’re delighted to talk about it with others. If you don’t have all of these skills or personality traits, it’s okay. Most of these skills can be learned. You can even learn to be motivated and productive. If you want to start a successful VA business that desire is the first step. The rest will fall into place.

Learn how you can succeed in today’s challenging economy by starting up your own work from home business as a Virtual Assistant.


Your VA Disaster Recovery Plan

A home based business disaster recovery plan will protect you in the event of an unexpected disaster, illness or injury.

If a catastrophe strikes your home office, or an unforeseen injury or illness prevents you from performing your business functions, you will want to have your disaster recovery plan already defined and written down well in advance.

Read more…

New Virtual Assistant Mistakes

Avoid Common Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make

There are pitfalls to starting any new business. The best way to avoid the pitfall is to learn as much as you can before starting your new business venture.

If you are considering Starting a Virtual Assistant Business, you will want to do everything possible to ensure your success.

With some careful planning you can avoid the pitfalls many new Virtual Assistants make.

Learn some of the main challenges for starting this type of business and how you can overcome them.

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Become a Virtual Assistant Part-Time

Become a Virtual Assistant Part-time

If you have a job and don’t want to leave it, you can still start your own home based business and earn some extra money, or just get your feet wet with a new career before you make a permanent decision.

It is possible to start part-time working at home as a Virtual Assistant and there are some advantages to approaching your business this way.

You have another source of income which takes some of the pressure off you as you are building your home based business. It’s always to your advantage not to approach your clients with any sense of desperation. No matter how hard you try to cover up your desperation, clients will sense it.

This also gives you a taste of what being a virtual assistant is really about and whether it is the right career move for you. Good to know before you invest in starting a virtual assistant business as your sole source of income.

Starting part-time does have some challenges as well. You will need to spend some time planning your schedule and honing your time management skills.

Learn more about Virtual Assistants

VA Website Makeover

SPECIAL TRAINING OFFER – Ten Keys to Building a Marketing-Friendly Website

There are 2 excellent virtual assistant training programs being offered at a Half Off discount from my favorite training source for VAs:
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PLUS, we are offering a special bonus 90-minute webinar on “Ten Keys to Building a Marketing-Friendly Website” with WordPress Trainer and Design Expert, Erin Blaskie ($97 value)

Register for this Special Training Bundle for ONLY $147.
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Learn more…

Virtual Assistant Contracts

What are best Virtual Assistant Contracts to Use?

Virtual Assistant Contracts are an important element of running a successful residence business.

Prior to starting your a virtual assistant home-based business, you want to give some thought to the contracts you’ll use. A legal contract will ensure both you and your client have exactly the same regarding the services you will provide and the compensation you’ll obtain. Even if you are working for family members or friends, a good contract can avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings down the road.

People can forget what is said during verbal agreements and something written down is a nice resource to review in the future.

There are many types of virtual assistant contracts you can choose from and what you use will depend on the types of services you supply as a VA. When you choose your target industry and are certain of the types of services you will provide, you can then create contracts that outline the services you’ll perform in detail, as well as your terms of service and compensation rates.

While you need professionally designed, legal contracts designed specifically for Virtual Assistants, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can save a considerable amount of money by editing VA Contracts and just having a lawyer in your area review them.

Learn more…

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