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Define Your Virtual Assistant Target Market


Before becoming a Virtual Assistant, you need to define your specific target market. There are many different taget markets looking for different skills in a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants posses many different skills and can go after a variety of target markets needing the services they specialize in.

Virtual Assistants with many skills can go after a rather large market; however, it is best to define your ideal client and concentrate on that target market segment. Virtual assistants can run themselves ragged trying to do everything for a client and can get into trouble when trying to perform services they are not really competent to provide. It’s best to clearly define where you excel, what your strengths are and look for a market that needs services based around those skills.

Some questions to ask yourself when defining a target market…

  1. Who is my ideal client?Perhaps small businesses, home based business owners, small shops, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, large corporations, real estate agents, lawyers or doctors?
  2. What services does my ideal client need?
  3. Where are my ideal clients located? Local business, international or online primarily?
  4. What is the best way to market to this target market?
  5. Does this market have enough resources to pay me for my services in order for me to reach my financial goals?
  6. Are there any services this target market needs that I am not fully capable of providing? If you find you are lacking in some skills to provide services to your target market, you have some options. There are many virtual assistant training programs available that can bring your skills up to the level you need to pursue your target market.

Another option is to work with another virtual assistant who has the skills you are lacking. Many virtual assistants subcontract with other virtual assistants to offer more services. It is a little more complicated to work in this way as opposed to doing business completely on your own; however, it can open up opportunities you may not otherwise have.


When defining your target market, you want to consider if this market will be one in which you can establish a long-term relationship.

What defines a virtual assistant from other administrative service providers is that the virtual assistant typically forms a “partnership” relationship with their client. They seek to work with the client regularly and on a long-term basis rather than a one time project. Virtual Assistants tailor their services to meet the client’s needs and have flexibility in the services they provide to their client as the client’s needs change. For instance a word processor will only provide word-processing, whereas the virtual assistant may create a sales letter, perform a mail merge and mailing one week, while creating a spreadsheet budget the next. The client in your target market will be looking for the services you are most qualified to provide.

Does your target market have sufficient service needs to establish this partnership relationship, or do they just need a one time particular service?

A college student may only need a paper edited, or a job seeker needs a resume and cover letter but may not necessarily need your services long-term. On the other hand, a real estate agent can use your services continually. A small business owner without the budget for a full-time staff could certainly utilize the services a virtual assistant on a regular basis.

Your target market will be based on the virtual assistant services you chose to provide. Refer to your business plan and your goals when determining what your target market will be. When you have a clear idea of what your ideal client is, it will be much easier to create a marketing plan to pursue that client.

It’s ok to provide services to other clients, especially in the beginning before you have an established clientele and steady income; however, don’t forget who your target market is and make sure you continue to target that segment until you have reached your business goals.

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