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Virtual Assistant Contract

It’s important to have your virtual assistant contracts ready before you find your first client.

Depending on the type of services you will provide your client, you will need to have the appropriate contact for your work. The proper contract will ensure both you and your client have clear expectations of the work to be done and the compensation that will be provided.

There are three basic types of virtual assistant contracts most people use:

Standard VA Hourly Agreement: The VA is paid an hourly rate for their work performed.

Per-Project Agreement: The rate is determined for the project.

Retainer: The VA has an agreement to work a predetermined number of hours in a specific time period – usually at a discounted rate.

There are advantages for each type of virtual assistant contract depending upon what a particular client needs.

For clients with occasional work they would like to outsource, the hourly contract can work fine.

For a company that has specific projects needing a skilled VA in that area, the per project agreement may be the better choice. These can be for one time only projects or recurring projects.

This is beneficial for a company that wants to establish a relationship with a particular VA to perform ongoing work; similar to a hired employee but with the advantages of a contract worker. These contracts are also beneficial to the VA because they provide a steady stream of income. Some virtual assistants work exclusively with retainer agreements, however, which contracts you use is totally up to you. You can also use all three if you have a varied clientele that needs more than one type of working agreement.

These contracts are important because it’s imperative that all aspects of the work you will perform be clear to both parties and the proper forms signed in the beginning.

I recommend that you use a contract even when performing jobs for family or friends. Even if it is just a simple hourly agreement contract, this can prevent any problems or misunderstandings down the road as all of the terms have clearly been defined.

It’s very important that you use professionally created contracts that contain all of the necessary components in proper legal language. You don’t want to cut corners here.

You can get professionally designed contracts for Virtual Assistants here
This pack contains all of the contracts you will need to get your virtual assistant business started.

Legal Contracts
Legal Contracts
Bundle & Save! VA Contacts and Business forms you need to get your Virtual Assistant business started. This package includes:
  • VA Independent Agreement
  • Monthly Retainer Agreement
  • Per Project Agreement
  • Subcontractors Agreement
And also included: Client Forms for payment, credit card authorization, client satisfaction survey, client information form and client project checklist.
Price: $19.95

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What Other Virtual Assistant Forms Will I Need?

Depending upon your clients business and the service you will provide, there may be other forms required by the client as well. As a virtual assistant you may be dealing with confidential information about your client’s business and a confidentiality agreement is important to protect both you and your client.

Since most virtual assistants work for several clients, a non-competition and/or non-solicitation agreement may also be required to protect the client. You client will want the reassurance that you will not disclose proprietary information concerning their business to a potential competitor. Virtual assistants need to be careful about conflicts of interest when working with different clients.

The Virtual Assistant Contract is a vital aspect of doing business as a VA. Take your time to research the different contracts available as well as other legal issues you need be aware of before you start your home based business. Have contracts professionally created for your business or buy some that are already designed for you before you embark on finding clients for your new business.

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